martins online in Russia

Russian sunset at 10:30pm

We love to travel and started this blog so we could share our trips to places near our home or far away.

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One comment on “martins online in Russia”

  1. There’s a book by Maxim Gorky about his travels as a young man working on boats and it tells lots of stories of time he spent in the country. I was hypnotized by this. I would just float into the stories and not since I was achild had I been so affected by a story. And I’m the nature hater of all time. I’m with Fran Lebowitz in agreeing that “the outdoorsis what you walk through to get to the taxi.” But –Oh if only I could recall the book’s title. I’d kept the book for about 2 years here in my desk but it’s gone. I may have taken it home. Anyway – great writing about Russian wildlife. Great writing period.

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